Time Without Time: Conversations about Arts Practice in the 24/7 Era
Symposium and Workshop Event: 26 & 27 March, 2015
Edinburgh, Scotland

15_PHM_A_ECA_FIN_TimeTime_clockface_01Time without Time brings together interdisciplinary artists, practitioners, academics, and writers from across the USA, UK, and Europe to be involved in generative discussions, each one being considered to fit together as complementary parts of a whole conversation. We will be welcoming guests Julieta Aranda (New York/Berlin) from eflux, Dan Brown (Edinburgh) from Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Lucy Byatt (Dundee) from Hospitalfield Arts, researcher and author Mark Carrigan, PhD (Warwick), artist designer Neil McGuire (Glasgow) from GSA, artist and writer Sarah Petersen (Los Angeles), artist designer Emily Stover (Minneapolis/St.Paul), author Ivor Southwood (Brighton), and others tba.

During Time Without Time, we will ask: how can we think beyond the current system of time that we inhabit? Can we get outside of a structure that increasingly feels self-generating and irredeemable, wherein we become silently complicit in our own entrepreneurship? Can we escape existing in crisis-mode, and speculate about possible futures for arts practices and our inherent labour in this politic? How can we effectively create and disseminate art when caught in a feedback loop of accelerated economy? Do the inflections of neo-liberal agendas upon understandings of time create an insurmountable boundary for thinking, and acting, beyond its constraints?

Time Without Time will be an opportunity to confront these issues and examine systems of time prevalent in contemporary practices, and the labour enacted within them. We will acknowledge current modes of resistance and generate new ones, actively addressing the social acceleration of time and its impact upon us as practitioners. We hope these conversations will arrive at possible futures that actively address the situation of the artist in Late Capitalism.

We intend for Time Without Time to break from a formal “paper presentation” structure and instead wish to allow speakers to talk through their own practices and experiences, whilst also engaging in round-table discussions on topics that aim to unify the speakers and audience. We intend to provoke inventive ways of generating discussion and engagement with a range of ideas and issues surrounding this topic.

Day One: Symposium and Roundtable Discussions will be held at Edinburgh College of Art;
Day Two: Workshops take place at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in Newhaven, 15 minutes from the city centre.

While both days’ events are free, please pre-register for the Day Two workshops at eventbrite.com, as space is limited. This event has been made possible by the generous match-funding of the University of Edinburgh/Edinburgh College of Art and the Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities.

Please join us and contribute your perspective to our conversations on these issues!

Coordinators: Patricia Healy McMeans and Jake Watts, artists and current practice-led PhD researchers at Edinburgh College of Art investigating contemporary art practices in situated learning, specifically Residencies and Workshops, respectively.
McMeans: www.thesocialstudioresearch.wordpress.com; www.tenchancesartres.org
Watts: eca.academia.edu/JakeWatts

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